RuPaul’s Drag Race faces surprise elimination

Trevor Lake -Staff Writer

This week the queens were faced with the challenge of performing in a Kardashian themed musical. Fresh from last week, we saw the departure of Charlie Hides and the amazing dance skills of Trinity Taylor.

To start, I love this show, but you would think by season nine that all the queens would do all they could to be prepared. I’m probably just a hater, but I’m still salty with her for not giving her all on that lip-sync. America’s next drag superstar gives their all, all the time.

This episode saw the return of the Pit Crew and featured a mini-challenge. The mini-challenge was to create the best, sexy selfie. Alexis Michelle won, and finally stepped out of the background. She’s likeable, kind of funny, kind of not. Oh, and did you see Valentina? How can you look that good for a mini-challenge? Valentina continues to showcase her excellence, and I have a feeling she will be in the top three.

In winning the challenge, Alexis was given the task of assigning various girls to roles for their Kardashian musical. To say Alexis killed it is an understatement. She took charge in becoming the leader and played an incredible momager, Kris Jenner.

On another note, Nina Bo’nina Brown went from a threat early on in the competition to a background girl. Nina wanted to be Blac Chyna. In the real world, we know that you always don’t get what you want. Nina remained sour after and fell flat during her performance. Nina seems like she’s second guessing herself. Being petty about a role doesn’t excuse you from trying your best. Nina has so much to offer, and needs to get her head back in the game.

The bottom two of the night were Cynthia and Farrah. Cynthia had the personality of Kim, but derailed during her lip-syncing. Farrah literally had no personality in her Kylie Jenner. It was just a blue wig with makeup. She didn’t even exaggerate the lips!

The craziest part of the episode was when Mama Ru herself left the stage after the lip-sync. Ultimately, Eureka was let go. Eureka suffered a knee injury in the cheerleading challenge, and was ordered by the doctor to rest. Amazingly, Mama Ru gave Eureka a seat for Drag Race season 10. It was nice to see Eureka leave on a good note. I started the season thinking she was the villain, but she ended up growing soft as her journey went on.

We can only imagine now what’s going to happen next week. The race for the crown is becoming tighter, and so is the competition. I’m sad to see Eureka go, as Farrah was the clear choice to leave. Tune in next week for another campy edition and stay for the Night of 1000 Madonnas.

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