Life after graduation: preparing for the adult world

Victoria Mikita – Staff Writer

As the spring 2017 semester comes to a close, seniors prepare to graduate and take on the real world. It is an exciting, nerve racking and celebratory time.

Along with finishing final projects, seniors are taking on the job interview process and preparing for a new life after college.

Strategic communication major Jason Klick plans to pursue a job in sales post graduation in the Allentown, Pa. He has already had multiple interviews that are laying the groundwork for a possible job offer.

“A tip for someone going into my field would be to stay persistent and motivated. You should always have daily goals set up for yourself to help ensure that you are always moving forward in a positive direction,” said Klick.

Klick’s best interview advice for someone is to have plenty of questions prepared for the interviewer and make sure to complete thorough research on the company and the potential position you could hold there.

Dillon Waldschmidt, also a senior strategic communication major, has an internship opportunity set up interning with State Representative Frank Dermody, the Minority Leader of the Pa. House of Representatives.

“My best interview advice is to be relaxed and enjoy yourself and try to make a meaningful personal connection with the person interviewing you. Your resume got you in the door, your personality is what lands you the job,” said Waldschmidt.

He is excited to have more free time and money to have more adventures while also staying focused on his career. “One tip I would offer about the professional field in general is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because that’s often when you find your greatest opportunities,” said Waldschmidt.

Education major Leah Birosak is also looking forward to her career as a teacher. After graduation, she plans on moving south to hopefully become a high school English teacher. She is willing to go wherever life takes her.     Birosak’s job search is going well, but she has not accepted a position yet.

“I’ve applied to more jobs than I could count! It is good to see that a lot of schools are hiring. However, a lot of schools require experience or want an actual certified teacher, which I will not be until after graduation, so it is kind of difficult,” said Birosak.

She highly recommends that people use the school’s career connections page as a job search. This has given Birosak a lot of leads that will hopefully land her the job she wants. For teachers, she recommends websites like Indeed and Teachers-Teachers.

“The best advice I have for education majors is to be patient and make sure that this is something you actually want to do. I’ve seen a lot of student teachers and block students give up on the education field because they realize that it isn’t for them.  Before you waste thousands of dollars, go shadow a teacher for a day and see what it would be like.  Luckily, block and student teaching just reinforced my decision to become a teacher, so I’m excited to see where life takes me,” said Birosak.

Although there are a handful of stresses that come with planning for after graduation, students always seem to find a way.


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