HBO’s concludes successful series ‘Big Little Lies’

Tiffany Yeager -Staff Writer
HBO’s series “Big Little Lies” concluded at the beginning of April. The seven-episode show, based off of the novel by Liane Moriarty, tells of a murder and all the events leading up to the fateful night.

Episode one reveals that a murder has taken place at a school-sponsored Trivia Night charity event. The murder victim, as well as the murderer, are kept a secret until the finale. As the series develops, the secrets and rumors that control the town and its families are brought to light.

The show focuses on five families living in Monterey, Calif. These families connect in one way or another, varying in relationships both good and bad. Each individual household encompasses its own problems that stem out into the issues of the town.

The children of each family all go to the same school. When one of the children, Amabella, starts to get bullied, she blames the new boy, Ziggy. As the story progresses, Ziggy’s mother, Jane, becomes more and more convinced of Ziggy’s innocence.

Throughout the seven episodes, character’s reveal their secrets, shedding light on their true intentions. Celeste Wright admits to her husband’s abuse, Jane Chapman exposes her sexual assault of the past and Madison Mackenzie admits to cheating on her husband. All of the small secrets leading up to the murder play a part in the mystery.

While the first six episodes recall past events, showing the weeks leading up to the Trivia Night tragedy, the finale shows that fateful night from start to finish. Three mysteries are solved in the final episode of the show: which kid really bullied Amabella, whose life ended on that night and who was responsible for their death.

The intensity of “Big Little Lies” really keeps you wanting more. Having these unsolved mysteries serve as a driving force, along with the multitude of possible outcomes the story could have, makes this show so enticing.

As soon as you think you know everything, a new detail is put into place that makes you rethink everything you thought you knew. Right from episode one the story demands your attention. “Big Little Lies” touches on sensitive, yet important, social issues that impact the audience in vital ways.

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