Ellen Bossert shines through musical performance

Ellen Bosser -Staff Writer

As a senior speech pathology and audiology major at Clarion University, Ellen Bossert has kept herself busy over her four years as a student. Through all of her classes and other extracurricular activities, however, Bossert has managed to keep her passion for music at the forefront of her mind. She credits music for many of the positive aspects of her life and admits that it helps keep her sane when things get hectic in her daily life.

Bossert discovered her passion for music very early on in her life, getting involved when she was only in kindergarten. She was immediately enamored with the way music made her feel, and those feelings only grew stronger as she got deeper into her life.

Upon entering college at Clarion University, Bossert knew she wanted to continue pursuing her love of music, and joined Gospel Choir her freshman year. She is currently a member of the Clarion University Chamber Singers, and she found the group’s recent trip to Europe to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life so far. The singing group competed in a vocal competition at the Eisteddfod Music Festival in Llangollen, Wales, and was awarded third place in its division. Bossert also serves in the worship band as a singer in Campus Crusaders for Christ (CRU) at the university, and participates in the worship service once a month at Zion Church in Clarion.

Bossert’s journey as a musician has taught her a plethora of lessons about character and the importance of pursuing your passions. She has also gained discipline and leadership skills from her experiences with music. According to Bossert, having an outlet for your frustrations and emotions is extremely important, especially as a college student. “Music has definitely given me an outlet; I can forget the world for just a moment or two and just focus on the beauty of the words and notes before me,” she said.

Through being involved in her worship teams and the choirs she has participated in, she has also gained skills in teamwork that will aid her in her future career. “Collaborating with others to master a piece is such a difficult and rewarding process. To do this, every single person must be dedicated and attentive,” she explained. While life provides students with multiple distractions, Bossert thoroughly enjoys the time she gets to spend with her music. “I know that I have to be fully present and rid myself of distractions,” she said. “It is unbelievably refreshing to stop for a moment and allow music to make me be still.”

Being involved with music throughout her college career has given Bossert an unquantifiable amount of benefits, and she encourages other students to pursue music if they have a passion for it. “I find being involved in music as sheer, uninhibited freedom,” she concluded. Although Bossert will be graduating in a few short weeks, she plans to take what she has learned both as a student and as a musician and allow it to further enrich her life after she leaves Clarion.

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