RuPaul’s Drag Race heats up as tensions rise

Trevor Lake -Staff Writer

Good morning, witches! Here we are at week four of drag race, and it’s just starting to get hot in here! Tempers are flaring and queens are ready to read. Isn’t this what makes great reality television?

On the (high) hills of last week’s episode we said goodbye to Kimora Blac – but let’s be honest, we knew that was going to happen. This show is a competition, and you can’t rely on looks. Being unprepared isn’t good when $100,000 is on the line.

To start, let’s take a look at Aja. Aja had a complete tantrum. To Aja’s defense, when you’re criticized, you can’t help but feel heated when you don’t see others trying as hard as you. After a few bitter words, Aja was back to her happy, attitude-free again.

This week’s challenge was to create an entire morning show that would be broadcasted live. The two teams formed were nothing short of interesting. Aja picked rival Valentina, and Trinity picked rival Eureka for their teams. Big personalities, yes, but it became even more cringe-worthy. We saw the fall of Charlie Hides, the greatest fall since Troy.

Charlie Hides was so tight on controlling every situation that you wanted to rip Cynthia away. Cynthia showed herself and her ‘cuckoo’ despite Hides’ cue cards. However, it got even worse. Charlie began to flub lines and then it became clear that she was giving up. The cherry on top was when the group missed their cue to end, and Charlie ending the show abruptly. One word to describe this team: confused. On the other side, Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee were the highlight of the opposing team. Their take on a salad was campy and showed the budding sisterhood.

The runway look of the night was naughty nighties. Before the queens got dressed, the drama came again. Aja began to talk again, leading Valentina to a confrontation. Valentina gave Aja advice on how to stop comparing yourself to others. Then, Eureka and Sasha got into it. The competition is getting hotter and so are the queens.

The finale showed that the two unlucky queens lip syncing were Trinity and Charlie Hides. The weirdest part was that Trinity was just the winner of the previous episode. This by far has to be one of the weirdest eliminations. Charlie was a mannequin and Trinity slayed every corner of the stage. Charlie clearly gave up, claiming he’s not a lip-sync artist. Personally, I found this disappointing. You came all this way to just give up? Oh well, Trinity deserved to stay!

The competition will only get hotter from here. The weaker queens are gone and now the talent is really going to flare.

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