Harry Styles re-enters the music industry with praise and strong fanbase

Cam Finney -Staff Writer

It was in November 2015 when One Direction released their album, Made in the A.M., before the group’s status became hiatus in March the following year. Millions of fans all around had devoted their money, and more importantly, their mostly-teenage hearts to famous group from the U.K., who had been releasing albums and touring every year since 2012. With a hiatus kicking in, fans wondered what to expect for the future having hope for more music. That hope was granted, but unexpected, as things always change when people grow up. Each member of the group announced their own efforts of releasing music to the world. First, it was with Zayn Malik who left the group before they completed their most recent album. His debut album Mind of Mine came out in March 2016 with critics raving his mature and sexualized music. Then it was Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson who each released solo singles in the second half of 2016. Horan’s song was his own work as to Louis who collaborated with famous DJ Steve Aoki on a single. Member Liam Payne has signed with Capital Records last summer but has not released any music yet. He is busy adjusting to fatherhood. Now is the time that Harry Styles has approached the public with his own music that he’s been working on after months of speculation. A time where futuristic dance music roams the airwaves, Styles makes his mark with his own sound that steers away from One Direction’s romantic young pop.

On April 7, Styles released his first single called “Sign of Times.” Since then I realized that Styles was basically a different person when he sang in stadiums of 50,000 or more people in One Direction. The Styles that we hear in this first song is amazing. , as he was before but more when solo. The first few seconds of Styles’ voice in the song makes you realize this rock sound is his truest form of himself. The tongue in cheek boy bad pop is gone. David Bowie and The Beatles vibes rise. The singer recently told The Rolling Stones that his song is about a mother who gives birth but finds out that she will not survive, only the baby. It was a strong debut with the song rising in the top 10 around several parts of the world. This is the beginning of a new era that will change the radio as Styles is one of only few non-hip hop solo male artists that are rising currently.

April 15 was the day that Styles made his first live performance solo, appearing on “Saturday Night Live” with two songs. His first song was “Sign of Times,” and it can be argued that it sounded even better than the amazing recording. The beautiful imperfections are what make him even better and more down to earth. The second single performed, which has not been officially released yet is “Ever Since New York.” The singer performed with his band that he assembled as if they are The Lumineers performing. The 23-year-old sounds more mature for his age than the material of 1D which made him sound like an 18-year-old for years. Harry Styles can be singing nursery rhymes with his rock sound and still melt the hearts of listeners. The stage full of musicians makes the atmosphere even though our electronic devices feel so intimate. You can’t help but feel this song to your core, especially when Styles hits the high note at the climax of the song with all his strength.

Styles, who has kept a clean reputation throughout the last six years has somehow managed to create his own career without crazy paparazzi, the tabloids and famous girlfriends (Kendal Jenner and Taylor Swift) taking over his life. The singer has recited in the past that his upbringing was very nice in Worcestershire, England. His mother is the true reason that he is the subject of our time, pushing him to try out for the X-factor where he met his future bandmates of 1D. The singer has been staying very laidback since the fandom of being famous has kicked in. Styles traveled all the way to a private area of Jamaica to record part of his debut album with the band he had formed. That right there is a person who wants to be known, but still deserves parts of his life to be private and mysterious from the public eye.

Even though his sound is more mature, Styles will presume having a major fanbase. His first single has been streamed over 25 million times on Spotify since its release. When commenting toward the subject of his fans young age in “Rolling Stone” magazine, he noted “Teenage fans- they don’t lie.” Whether it made him anxious or not about fans reacting to his music, it’s safe to say these young fans will continue to follow Styles as he prepares to take on the world with this solo journey and hopefully a tour in the future.

Be sure to catch a copy of Styles’s debut album, Harry Styles, in stores and music streaming apps on May 12.

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