Drag Show attracts nearly 500 to Gemmell event

Anna Goetz – Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 6, the Clarion University Allies, the gay/straight alliance group that works to promote equality on campus and throughout the community, showcased its annual Drag Show held in the MPR.

With an enormous line formed two hours before the event even started, over 500 audience members were in attendance by 8 p.m.

Hosted by Allies members Morgan Woodin and Natalie Naranjo, the show featured 15 acts, including professional drag queens, on-campus clubs and student acts that competed in the talent show. This year’s show deemed to be the most successful one yet for Allies.

Sophomore Quincy Nolan took to the stage with his own queen act and went home with the title of this year’s Drag Show Queen. It’s safe to say he blended in well with the professionals.

This was Morgan Woodin’s third co-hosting the event with Natalie Naranjo. Woodin has been able to see firsthand how popular the show has grown and how many students attended this year. Woodin pondered on the event’s growing success.

“The Drag Show this year was the most successful we’ve had to date. For the first time ever, we surpassed 500 people in attendance, and each person that was there contributed to an energy in the room that was unbelievable,” said Woodin.

Endless amounts of time and planning went into organizing the show, but it was obvious that the Clarion Allies successfully pulled this off.

The publicity from past shows’ successes help to contribute to the ample turnout of this year’s through word of mouth and the organization’s advertisement efforts.

“It’s amazing to know we could essentially do little to no advertising and people would still be guaranteed to show up simply because of the positivity that is associated with the event,” said Woodin.

The campus has always strived to stay progressive and the annual drag show brings a ray of positivity and acceptance onto the school’s campus each year.

Clarion University’s Allies organization hosts several educational Q&A panels for classrooms and organizations along with various events to raise awareness and educate people on the campus.

The organizations’ efforts and successful results goes to show just how receptive Clarion University is of the LGBT+ community.

“It’s a sad truth that it’s not the safest thing for a guy like myself to walk on stage in a dress in front of 500 people, but here at Clarion I can do so and be greeted with cheers and applause,” said Woodin. The annual drag show, being one of the Allies’ larger events, certainly raised awareness and gave everyone a fun, exciting night in doing so.

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