C’mon English Lessons! Drag Race heats up with new drama

Trevor Lake -Staff Writer

Week three of Rupaul’s Drag Race took a whimsical turn when the queens were faced with a princess themed challenge. To make things even harder, each queen was to also create a sidekick to accompany their runway look.

Valentina continues to shine. Each judge continues to praise her. Each outfit and performance is top-notch for someone not even doing drag for a whole year. Trinity is also making a name for herself. She won the challenge by combining her pageant looks with her humor. Michelle Visage praised her performance. Trinity is now a top threat competitor. A rivalry seems to be building between Trinity and Valentina. Hopefully we can get a feud as proportionate as season five’s Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese.

The workroom was overly funny this episode. Cynthia told the world what a ‘cuckoo’ is. We also got to see the hilarious whining of Farrah Moan. You would think that everyone would know that sewing is a valuable skill to have in this race. We got to see a more fragile side of Farrah, making her a lot more likeable.

We also got a more sentimental moment when the queens spoke about the tragedy of Pulse Nightclub. We find out that Trinity is a past Miss Pulse. We also find that Cynthia was originally scheduled to perform that night. The queens take time to speak about an important message that should never be forgotten.

The surprise of this episode was Aja. Aja was critiqued for her makeup many times, mainly for being too dark. Social media queens get the benefits of photo enhancement. Aja was read to show the judge’s something else. Aja rocked her outfit, even though it didn’t necessarily read her princess concept.

Now, let’s talk about Kimora Blac. This was a prime example of a queen relying on only one talent. Being in such a high stakes competition, you would think she would have a better attitude. Spoiler alert: she went home. We knew it was going to happen.

The lip-sync between Aja and Kimora was nothing short of greatness. Aja showed how passionate she was to stay in the competition though her various death drops to the floor. It was clear that Aja would destroy Kimora on the runway.

So, what have we learned this week? You should know how to sew, have a good attitude, and take Mchelle Visage’s word. It’s never wrong. Now with the two weaker queens gone, we can only ponder as to who will be going home next week. All the queens left are heavily talented, so it’s only going to get better from here on out.

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