Chainsmokers release debut album Memories…Do Not Open

Cam Finney -Staff Writer

If you are a person who has listened to the radio within the last few months, you know you are bound to hear an edm-pop song. That song will most likely be from the Chainsmokers. This DJ duo has been making headlines a lot since the release of their chart toppers “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” last summer, and now they are releasing their first studio album Memories…Do Not Open. A lot of buzz has been circulating in the media whether this album effort is worth our time or not. Timing is crucial, and many people who know the group can argue that this album should have been released already. We are at a time in society where many artists have attempted to bring edm and pop together, but the Chainsmokers are the group that gets the heat from it.

This genre of music has been very popular but now there is a point where songs start to sound repetitive—constantly containing a heavy beat drop in the chorus part. Don’t get me wrong, these songs are catchy but this album contains music that sounds very familiar. Creative minds Drew Taggert and Alex Pall are staying true to their roots but they still leave themselves a little bit of room to play with sounds.

One of the heated topics that surrounds the duo is the vocals efforts from Taggert, who decided to provide vocals to their songs since Closer came out. One of the first songs on the album is called “Break Up Every Night,”which is one of Taggert’s best efforts. The problem with the artist is that his vocals tend be shaky but having a song like this is perfect for him. This jam seems to be specially made for shouting in cars throughout the summer with it’s fast beats and cheeky lyrics.

When it comes to this dance type genre, being on the radio isn’t always the best way to be known. Forget the radio, the dance club is a better fit for the body rocking song “It Won’t Kill Ya,” featuring French singer/actress Louanne. With a possible remix twist, this song is perfect to be played wherever dancing is involved.

The breakout vocals of the album are from new artist Emily Warren who devotes her voice to two songs: “Don’t Say” & “My Type”. Between the two, “My Type,” stands out more for it’s loyalty lyrics and addictive voice. The song may be very repetitive but it definitely fits the mood for edm. The singer also devotes back-up vocals to the chart topper “Paris”.

The Chainsmokers biggest effort to stay away from their typical sound is the single “The One.” The stripped down piano ballad sounds like a sequel to “Closer” and “Paris,” A fan unknown to the group would’ve never expected this to be from an edm artist. Even though Taggert sounds better away from the slower sounds, he still sounds good enough for this song to be successful with its hint of edm. This is the song that should be heard on the radio rather than other efforts like the new single “Something Just Like This,” which features the amazing Chris Martin, but sounds like a direct copycat of “Roses.”

It would be quite exciting to think of seeing the Chainsmokers live because they created an album that is meant to keep people out of their seats. This DJ duo will continue to make bank and perform for thousands across the nation but there are tips that critics think they should look towards if they want to be more unique and successful 1.) Continue featuring artists that are unknown to the radio. 2.) Look away from the heavy beat drops after 2017.

One of the biggest benefits from this group, whether critics like them or not, Drew and Alex have opened doors for probably many artists in the same genre as them who are ready to be heard as much as the Chainsmokers.

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