Students react to #clarionproud

Seth Ickes & Dean Lenker III – Staff Writers

CLARION, Pa.- The #clarionproud social media movement has been making waves on campus. Launched to display the best qualities about Clarion University and all persons involved, it has garnered a variety of perspectives from students in recent weeks.

Leah Gatto, a junior psychology major, found the campaign to be effective and said, “[It] opened my eyes to how great of a school I really attend, especially with the statistics showing the graduation and employment rates of business and speech pathology majors.”

High or perfect statistics for completion of the programs or employment rates are based from students who were surveyed and not necessarily every student in a program.

Student Kyree Jenkins found the statistic of business graduates having a 96 percent employment rate to be a point of pride for him and that he hopes Clarion “will bring out the best in students.” Junior computer science major Jacob Armstrong found the information that computer information science graduates having a 100 percent employment rate to be “great news” and hopes that he can follow the same path. Employment statistics do not necessarily reflect those who were employed in a field coinciding with major.

Although last week The Clarion Call uncovered that the source of these statistics included about 60 percent of all business majors and 55 percent of information science majors, the data still reflects things of which Clarion students are proud.

The business program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business  and is considered among the university’s strongest departments according to #clarionproud numbers, and the computer information science program falls within the college of business and information sciences.

Graduate-level speech pathology major Loran Kachel had a similarly positive sentiment regarding the positive speech pathology numbers.

“It actually blows my mind that a program could have a perfect completion rate; that is something I am so proud of as a student in this program at this university. Students pursuing speech path are a motivated and driven group,” said Kachel.

Aaron Grebinoski, a senior political science major, was more critical of the #clarionproud movement. Grebinoski stated that while the positive information was good and helped to give those involved with Clarion University things to be proud, he felt there were many issues with the school and state system that need “immediate attention.”

Another view on the movement was expressed by Trevor Lake, a junior strategic communication major, who found the positive information to be encouraging after hearing “so much negative news” about the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education schools in recent months.

The effectiveness and overall appeal of the #clarionproud campaign has yet to be seen, but it does encourage users to use social media to express their best experiences at Clarion University.

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