RSOs budget for next year

Hannah Collings – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are preparing desired budgets for the 2017-18 academic year, which are due April 10 at 4 p.m.

Every spring, RSOs at Clarion must assemble a proposed budget for the upcoming academic year.

On April 3 and 4, Interim Director of the Clarion Students’ Association (CSA) Sean Hoke and Student Senate Treasurer Taylor Montue hosted a round table for Clarion University Executive Board members

Hoke and Montue provided executive board members with packets of policies and advice for preparing their budgets.

Hoke said that the school’s student activities budget is projected to have a 2.5 percent decrease. RSOs are projected to ask for more than $100,000 over the projected budget.

When RSOs prepare their budgets, they “shoot for the moon,” Hoke said. While CSA is unable to fully meet these requests, Hoke said its goal is to “make as many folks somewhat happy as possible.”

To receive funding, an organization must have more than 15 members. An RSO may receive up to $500 from CSA the first two years it is recognized and up to $1,000 the third year. After three years of recognition, there is no longer a stipulated limit on how much an RSO may receive.

RSO budgets will consist of two categories: operating expenses and campus programming.

The operating expenses include money which will cover the organization’s administrative expenses. Campus programming funding will go toward activities and events available to all students, not only members of the organization.

CSA will not approve RSO budget appropriations for:

* Club events that are not open to all students (RSO appropriations are collected from student-paid fees)

* Club awards and ceremonies

* Cash awards and gift cards

* Books for members

* Alcohol

* T-shirts or clothing available only to members of the RSO

* Food that benefits only members of the RSO

* Salaries for RSO members

Although no amount an RSO requests is guaranteed, Hoke said that when RSOs prepare budgets, they should:

* Heed the April 10 deadline

* Make sure all events and activities are opened and advertised to all students

* Provide adequate justification for each proposed expense

* List the RSO’s activity in community service

* List the RSO’s fundraising efforts in the past academic year

Gianna Campalong / The Clarion Call
Student Senate Treasurer Taylor Montue presents budgeting information to campus RSOs.

This year, the Appropriations Committee will review the budgets from April 10-14. The committee will return budgets to RSOs with recommendations for revision on April 15 via their organization’s official email.

The committee will hold budget hearings from April 18-20 and provide final recommendations for revisal on April 23 before CSA votes to approve the RSO budgets on April 24.

According to, there are more than 135 RSOs at Clarion University. These do not include club sports and Recognized University Organizations, which do not undergo the same budgeting process as the RSOs. Montue said that any questions RSOs have should be directed to her at

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