Clarion’s baseball team picks up its first conference win

Danny Bailey – Staff Writer

This past weekend on April 1-2, Clarion faced off against PSAC rival California University of Pennsylvania in a four game series.

The first two games took place in Washington, while the final two games were played in Butler at the Kelly Automotive Park.

Clarion went 3-1 in the four game series.

They stole the first three games with scores of 4-0, 3-0 and 6-0, as it shut the Vulcans out.

California wasn’t going to get too embarrassed and stole the last game from Clarion with a score of 11-3.

In the first game, Clarion set the tone right off the bat.

Mitch Holmberg and Tyler Falk found their way home in the first inning to give Clarion a 2-0 lead.

The next scores came in the fourth inning when John Finke hit a double to help Garrett Goslaw home, and on the next bat, a fielding error occurred to help Finke get the final point of the game making it 4-0.

Clarion continued on to lock it down defensively, denying any scoring.

In the second game, Clarion again found its stride early on in the first inning.

Goslaw, Lopez and Falk all made it on to bases and Finke connected to send Goslaw to home plate.

Scoring seized until the fifth and seventh innings came around.

In the fifth, Shaffer hit a nice single into right field giving Connell the opportunity to run all the for the score.

In the final inning, Finke sent Falk home with another hit into right field to end the scoring, and put a final nail in the coffin for the second game.

Winning a game away isn’t an easy task, winning two is even harder. Clarion wasn’t intimidated and looked to end the series on a great note as they went to a neutral field. Just like in the other two games, Clarion scored early in the first. This time it was Holmberg who was able to score off a hit from Goslaw. Clarion continued the momentum into the second and third innings as Wolbert, Lopez and Falk flew by the bases to giving the Golden Eagles a 4-0 lead. Finally in the sixth, Finke and Lang added to the dominate lead and made it 6-0.

Unfortunately, the Golden Eagles weren’t able to bring out the brooms to sweep CalU during the four game series.

The Vulcans grabbed the lead early and added a few homeruns to really put the game away.

Clarion denied a shut out though, as Shaffer, Lang and Falk all tried to start an improbable comeback late in the final two innings.

Overall, it was a great series for the Golden Eagles because Clarion finally found its first wins in the conference.

Its record improved to 7-12 overall and 3-5 in the PSAC.

Its next opponent is Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which will also be a four game series this Friday and Saturday.

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