The nation’s capital welcomes Clarion Chambers Singers

Casey McCauley – Features Editor

Telling from their worldly travels and hectic schedule, it’s rare to find a moment when Clarion University’s Chamber Singers aren’t performing somewhere, whether locally or across the globe.

The group of 30 singers hit the road once again to Washington, D.C. for a tour across the city to sing in various churches and schools.

An audition-based vocal ensemble consisting of dedicated elite singers with a repertoire that ranges from classical, spiritual, jazz to contemporary, Clarion’s Chamber Singers is under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Johnson, a professor of Mathematics, who pushes them to broaden their musical horizons and styles by learning more diverse and contemporary pieces as well as given the students more performance opportunities.

While touring the nation’s capital, the vocal group made three singing stops a day, which made for a busy day.

Junior early childhood and education major Joeseph Lillard joined Clarion University’s Chamber Singers just this semester.

“The trip itself was awesome. I’ve never been outside the local area, so this was a whirlwind. And the venues were simply amazing,” said Lillard. “It was also nice to get to know the Chamber Singers too. I feel more accepted by them than most other groups.”

The Clarion Chambers Singers has practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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