NBA Ratings Down, College Ratings Skyrocket. Why?

Jake Deemer – Staff Writer

Around this time of the year, NCAA’s March Madness takes the nation by storm and cultivates millions.

Is it the pure excitement of the unpredictability of each shot, possession and game? Or is it just the fact that every team in the tournament is blemished and flawed?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big name powerhouse school like Kentucky, Duke or Kansas; you can lose in any given game to any given opponent.

What about the NBA, the professional league that is supposed to be the apex of basketball?

The league’s viewership and fandom is on the decline.

NBA games have grown to be so dull and lackadaisical, that most people will not bother to watch a tie game in the last two minutes between teams not-from Golden State or Cleveland.

Steph Curry was named the first unanimous MVP in NBA history in 2015-16; nonetheless, this season’s Curry has shown minimal ferocity or the usual swagger associated with his name.

Curry’s 3-point percentage has dropped from 45 percent a season ago to 40 percent.

Curry’s struggles with a knee injury to the second best player in the world, Kevin Durant, making the Golden State Warriors uninteresting.

So, the Warriors are not exciting, the Cavaliers and prodigal son LeBron James have to be—right?

No. The Cavs have been bothered by tedious nonsense while underachieving in their championship pursuit.

Initially, James spoke out to the media that this year’s Cavalier team was “top-heavy” and not good enough to win a championship.

Additionally, James and his teammates, along with multiple Golden State players, have been the center of attention for “resting” in back-to-back national televised games.

This disservice to loyal fans and disputable consumer fraud is an argument for another time.

While star NBA players and the league as a whole are making headlines for this nonsense, the NCAA is making headlines for competitive and thrilling games.

According to USA Today, this year’s tournament is the second-most watched in 24 years, averaging 9.5 million viewers.

Likewise, it is tied as the second-highest-rated tournament since 1991.

Cinderella teams have emerged in South Carolina by knocking off Coach K’s Duke Blue Devils.

Florida and Wisconsin played arguably the most-exciting game game in this year’s tourney by exchanging last second eccentric shots.

Now, the Final Four is set with South Carolina v. Gonzaga and Oregon v. North Carolina.

All eyes are on the tournament, and Monday’s ‘water cooler talk’ will not be the NBA.

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