Police warns against job offers

Dean Lenker III – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- More students are reporting fraudulent job offers, according to university Director of Public Safety Jason Hendershot.

Reports indicate that students may be contacted with or without solicitation online, with job opportunities that may appear to be valid.

A Clarion University senior, Dylan (who wanted to be listed anonymously), nearly fell victim to a fraudulent job offer this past month. An email claiming to be from a company by the name of Bally Technologies Inc. was sent to him via his Clarion student email account, offering $300 a week to “be an agent” for its company.

“They offered me $300 for an hour daily of work,” said Dylan. “Being a student, times are tough, and the offer looked too good to pass up.”

The email stated that the company manufactured slot machines and other gaming materials.  It told Dylan he would be working as a middle-man to bring materials to its clients in exchange for money. Bally Technologies Inc. is a real company based in Nevada, but the email he was contacted from was a personal Gmail account and was not affiliated with the company. “I realized it was a scam when the package I was supposed to deliver never arrived. I never thought I would fall for something like this, but it’s actually easier than you think,” said Dylan.

The reason for the package not arriving is unknown, but had it been received, Hendershot thinks it likely that they would have sent a fraudulent check and requested that Dylan wire them money in return. In an email sent to Clarion students in regard to these fraudulent job offers, Hendershot provided tips to avoid falling victim to these types of schemes. These tips included never sharing personal financial information, being suspicious of any job offers that require money and remembering that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

He also encouraged any cases of fraud to be reported to campus police by calling (814) 393-2111.

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