Opinion: Olympics should add bowling

Austin Troutman – Staff Writer

Recently, the International Olympic Committee voted to add six new sports to the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan.

Of the list of sports that had a chance to be voted in, bowling was one of the few that is not going to be involved in the games.

The six sports that were added baseball, softball, surfing, skateboarding, karate and sport climbing.

Bowling gets a bad reputation because of certain images, and since some bowlers are unfit, drink or swear shows the public the bad side of a truly great sport.

The side of the game that most people do not see is that bowlers must make the same sacrifices to win as other sports.

The thing that upsets me the most are the people that rip on bowling and say that anyone can play, so it must not be a sport.  These same people have never laced up a pair of shoes and bowled in an atmosphere other than those occasional Friday night out with friends.

The reality of bowling is that the best players must leave their homes and families and compete all over the world against the best of the best.

Many professional tournaments across the world have fields of hundreds of bowlers, and require each of them to throw 20 or more games in the span of a week.

There are many reasons why bowling should be in the Olympics, and honestly, since there is no sport cap in the Olympic games anymore, why would a sport that everyone can play be excluded from the biggest event in the world?

Bowling, like other sports, is a more than a game to a multitude of people.

Compared to the other sports that are already involved in the Tokyo Games in 2020, bowling is no different.  Bowling is a worldwide sport, and it is not easy to be a great player because the sport takes a great deal of consistency.

What the average person does not know is that there are many factors to compete against, rather than just the opposing players and the pins themselves.

Bowlers have to adjust to the oil pattern on the lane, which is the invisible enemy that they must learn to read.

Moreover, bowling takes a lot of mental stamina, and one mistake could cost a player or a team the whole tournament.

So if any sport deserves to be added to the Olympic Games, I believe that bowling needs more consideration because the sport is loved by millions all over the world.

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