Jason Poor wows Clarion University with immense talent

Amanda Betts -Staff Writer

Although Clarion University student Jason Poor is an accounting and finance major, his heart is drawn to music. While those that know Poor know him to be able to play multiple instruments, it was not until two years ago that he even picked up his first instrument; a ukulele.

Poor had always been involved in choir, and is now involved in multiple campus organizations that help him to further deepen his love for music. He is currently involved in Concert Choir and the Clarion University Chamber Singers. He is also a member of the Symphonic Band, orchestra and jazz bands. Poor also performs in the Redbank Community band and is a brother of the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity. He was also a member of the band for the recent Clarion University production of Violet, and would enjoy continuing to lend his talents to the Clarion University Department of Theatre.

Poor’s natural talent for musical instruments, as well as singing, inspires many of his fellow students, as well as ignites a desire in them to be as passionate as he is about his music. Fellow Clarion University Chamber Singers member and student Megan Blashford described his passion for music as doing just that. “Jason is the only person I know that collects instruments like trading cards,” she said. “His musical abilities are simply astounding. While these are both very important qualities in Poor’s artistry, Blashford insisted that he has something even more important. “It’s Jason’s passion and effervescent love for music that moves me the most,” Blashford concluded.

While Poor plays a multitude of instruments, he admits that saxophone comes most naturally to him. He can also play trombone, cello, clarinet and flute. While he modestly said he is not an expert at some of the instruments, his talent is obvious to those who have heard him play. According to Blashford, Poor’s excitement at obtaining and learning to play new instruments is part of what makes him such an excellent artist and person.

After graduation, Poor plans to continue to pursue music in his adult life. He would like to participate in community bands and orchestras, as well as continue to sing in any capacity that he can. He added that he may even like to organize some kind of musical group later in life.

While the majority of Poor’s talent and hunger for music comes directly from his own heart, he credits his mother for spurring his love for music. She has always supported his passions and remains his biggest fan today.

Poor would like to encourage students that have an interest in music to pursue it with all of their hearts. “It’s never too late to start learning an instrument,” he insisted. “You never know how far it can take you.”

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