Her Campus brings collegiate perspective to online world

Casey McCauley – Features Editor

Courtney McBride, a junior journalism major, set out to apply her writing skills to a publication platform in hopes of gaining more experience.

In doing so, she opened up a creative door for many other writers across Clarion University.

Thanks to McBride, Her Campus, the largest online international college magazine in the United States, recently launched its first trial publication from its newly founded Clarion University branch.

Supplemented by local content from over 330 campus chapters nationwide and in 10 different countries, Her Campus’s content varies from a wide range of subjects, each divided into nine categories, including Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, High School, LGBTQ+ and Real World.

The overall concept of the online magazine is to run feature articles targeted toward college survival, emphasizing the empowerment of the collegiate woman.

Although the publication was founded in 2009 by three Harvard University undergraduates, the beginning of this semester marked its first submissions written by Clarion students across all majors.

“This semester was our ‘test run.’ We really progress each week and always set new goals for the team. Overall, for this semester, we really just wanted to get to know each other and become friends, too,” said McBride, who works as a campus correspondent alongside the organization’s faculty advisor, Dr. Lacey Fulton.

These campuses are known as “My Campus” chapters, or subdivisions of the magazine. Each branch has one or two campus correspondents that serve as president and editor-in-chief, who are responsible for representing the magazine, overseeing the magazine content and developing featured articles and photos specific to their particular university.

The correspondents also recruit fellow student journalists and publicize the website.

Since joining the Her Campus team, members from other college campuses have said to have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire and many others.

Positions available in Her Campus include feature writers, who submit two to three pages worth of in-depth, researched-based pieces that have a service element of various types of bloggers with a shorter word requirement, longform news writers, whose pieces are submitted monthly instead of weekly and viral content writers, who write listicles, GIF-based content and/or quizzes designed for social-sharing, focused on providing entertainment.

Despite that, its content tends to revolve around the woman’s vantage point, men are also welcome to write for Her Campus, along with students majoring in areas other than journalism. To apply for a position, applications are available on the Her Campus website. Thanks to McBride’s hard recruitment efforts, Clarion’s Her Campus team continues to grow in writers.

Clarion’s Her Campus team also holds weekly meetings on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. on Level A of the Carlson Library. For more information, contact McBride at courtneymcbride@hercampus.com, or follow any of its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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