The Bachelor, comes to a shocking conclusion

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

This is it. The moment Bachelor nation has been waiting for, the final two, the last rose. It’s down to Vanessa and Raven. The girls both get to meet Nick’s family, have one final date, and then he will, hopefully, get down on one knee.

The first girl to meet Nick’s family is Raven, however she has already met his family at the beginning of the process. Raven had great chemistry with Nick’s little sister and had great conversations with the rest of his family. The next day, Vanessa got to meet them. She also had good conversations with his family. A lot of the same concerns her family had, his family also had. If he chooses Vanessa, where will they live and how will they get through a relationship living in two separate countries.

Both girls dates were very sweet and romantic, taking place in snowy Finland. Vanessa and Raven both expressed how much they love Nick and will do what it takes to make their relationship work.

The moment is nearly here, who will Nick choose. Any long-time Bachelor fan knows, usually whoever gets out of the first limo, is going home. This season it was Raven. Raven gets out of the limo to be greeted by Chris Harrison who wishes her luck and sends her into Nick. Raven starts by telling Nick how much she cares for him and how she can’t wait to start a life with him and goes into how happy she is to be with him. Nick then tells her that he has loved their time together but he isn’t in love with her. Raven has been one of my favorites the whole season and the way she acted with such respect for him in this moment made me think even better of her. Since Nick and raven didn’t end up together, on After the Final Rose, it was revealed that Raven will be going to Paradise this summer.

Nick and Ravens relationship is now over and it’s time for Vanessa. She exited the limo and is also greeted by Chris Harrison and then let into see Nick. Usually the women speak to the bachelor first but not this season. As soon as Vanessa gets in front of Nick, he starts to tell her how much he loves her and that he cant wait to make their relationship work. He gives a very sweet proposal and gets down on one knee to ask the question and she says yes. This is very exciting because everyone was worried that he would be rejected again. Nick then has one final question for Vanessa, “Will you except my final rose?” and of course, she does.

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