16-year old breakout Ravyn Lenae offers new sound

Anna Goetz -Staff Writer

Ravyn Lenae, a 16-year-old African American from the long line of Chicago based hip-hop musicians, just released her latest EP, “Midnight Moonlight” on March 3, 2017. Receiving well-deserved praise for the six tracks of soulful, R&B, and eclectic sound, this is not deemed to be her first accomplishment in the music industry. At the mere age of 16, the artist has already been featured on Noname’s album Telefone, and Mick Jenkins latest album The Healing Component. Having now two original EP’s under her belt, countless features and a current tour with Noname, it’s safe to say the young artist has had an early start to her success.

Interviewed by rehabonlinemag.com, Lenae revealed she started singing in middle school, and how grateful she is to have been warmed by Chicago’s warm embrace of her music. She also cued the readers into the inspiration for her one of a kind sound. “I’m never really inspired by music I hear. I like to read, listen to stranger’s conversations on the train, study body language and observe the simplest of things. Using non-musical subjects gives me a chance to challenge my creativity. Whereas, pulling ideas from music is doing the work for me.” Pair her R&B, soul, hip-hop and touch of EDM, Lenae’s sound is unlike any other, proving to be refreshingly unique.

Lenae’s success by itself is impressive, but also being only 16 years old foreshadows a future classic musician on our hands. Releasing her first EP “Moon shoes” in 2016, she is already releasing another one at the start of March. Clocking in at nearly 150K subscribers on Spotify, 25K followers on SoundCloud and a present tour with Chicago’s own Noname, Lenae is headed for even more success in her near future. Need a refresher for your music library? Check out Ravyn Lenae on Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

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