Fantasy Suites continue in Finland on The Bachelor

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

Fantasy suites continue this week in Finland. Last week, we got to see the first date with Raven where she told Nick her feelings. The next date is with Rachel. They go on a romantic sleigh ride, pulled by reindeer. Afterward, they go back to a cabin and start talking. Rachel shares that’s she is falling in love with Nick after she failed to do so last week. Because of that Nick asks her to join him in the fantasy suite and she accepts.

The last date is with Vanessa. Their date is embracing Finish culture while taking an ice bath in the frozen lake and running back to the sauna over and over. After their fun exploration of the Finish culture, the couple finds a hot tub in the middle of nowhere, in typical Bachelor fashion, where they get into deeper details of their relationship. They discuss their possible future and that leads Vanessa to telling Nick that she loves him. This leads to Nick asking her to join him in the fantasy suite to get into more details of their relationship.

After the dates, they go straight to the rose ceremony where Raven and Vanessa both get roses leaving Rachel to go home. Nick and Rachel have a long, difficult good bye and then she continues her way. I personally thought they made a great pair but ABC has recently announced that Rachel will be the next Bachelorette so this is not the last we will see of her.

Leading into the final rose is the women tell all. Taylor and Corinne get to discuss their issues from the season and their epic two-on-one. Liz is back. Nick gets to talk with the women for the first time since they were sent home to talk about some unresolved issues. As always, the episode gets really intense but to make it a little better, we get to hear from Rachel and how she feels about being the next Bachelorette.

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