Circle K goes above and beyond with community service efforts

Mitchell Graham – Staff Writer

Clarion University offers many students opportunities for how to spend their time. In the wake of classes and extra-curricular activities, it’s easy to get caught up in one’s own issues and lose sight of those who are struggling in the surrounding community.

Fortunately, there’s an organization on campus working to focus on the less fortunate. Circle K International, or sometimes referred to as Circle K, has attracted compassionate college students for over 70 years with their noble causes and abilities to help those in need.

Organized and sponsored by Kiwanis, the first charter was founded in 1947 at Carthage College of Illinois. Throughout its history, support for Circle K has expanded to include campuses in 16 other nations.

For those who feel drawn to serving others, Circle K offers great opportunities to satisfy this. Jazzmine Harris, a junior rehabilitative sciences major and president of the Clarion University Circle K charter, provides details on the organization’s mission.

“We are a community service organization, so we like to donate money to other organizations or help out in the community by volunteering our time,” said Harris.

Such efforts include collecting lightly used clothing to use as donations, selling concessions and organizing and hosting Wish Week, an entire week of games where all proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation to help fulfill a child’s wish. Wish Week will take place the week of April 10.

Harris shared additional information regarding the planned activities. “It’s $5 per person and we do Zumba, dodgeball, volleyball and we just started doing Family Feud,” said Harris.

She and other members of Circle K are also involved in The Sharing Cupboard, a community outreach program which takes place at First Presbyterian Church in Clarion. “It’s a food bank and once a month people come and they’re given food and hygiene products. I’ll never forget the people, how happy and excited they get. They can’t just go out and get themselves these products and it’s just amazing to do something good for the world. I’m so glad Circle K is something I can be a part of,” said Harris.

Circle K is actively seeking donations to support this year’s Wish Week, and they’ve also recently been encouraging through charitable donations, community outreach and the dedication of its 15-member group. The Clarion University Circle K charter is truly making an impact in the local area.

This is another way Clarion students can gain enriching experiences that will help shape them as individuals into the courageous and confident future version of themselves.

Circle K provides an indispensable service to the Borough of Clarion by ensuring the dignity of all its citizens, regardless of financial status. It also provides life experience simply not available within the confines of a classroom.

Anyone interested in participating in Shoebox Recycling, or any of the other charitable efforts Circle K is a part of, are encouraged to attend its weekly meetings which are held every Thursday at 6 p.m. in 252 Gemmell.

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