Heating up in hometowns, The Bachelor continues

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

Raven, Corinne, Vanessa and Rachel are all off to hometown visits. The first stop is Hoxie, Arkansas with Raven. I loved their date because coming from a smaller country town. I truly appreciated the four-wheeler riding and playing in the mud. There was a sweet moment when they first arrived at Raven’s house and her mom tells her that her dad is still cancer free after being diagnosed nearly two years ago. Nick and Raven talk to her parents separately, and this is when Nick asks Raven’s father for permission to marry his daughter. Her dad admits he didn’t want to like him, he gives Nick permission to marry his daughter.

The next hometown was Dallas, Texas with Rachel. After long anticipation of meeting Rachel’s father, he won’t be able to meet Nick because of work. A big topic of discussion was the fact that Rachel and Nick’s relationship is  biracial, and neither have experienced that before. They both agree and stressed to her family that they both know it may be difficult, at times but they like each other for who they are on the inside. With that he got the family’s blessing.

Now, it is time for what we have all been waiting for: Corinne’s hometown date and the moment we get to meet Raquel, her nanny. First, they go shopping.  Corinne drops over $3,000 on a single outfit for Nick and after wards they go out to eat where Corinne drops the “L bomb.” Nick meets the fam and untimely ends with him getting her father’s permission, so if he and Corinne choose to get engaged he is supportive.

Finally, Nick heads to Montreal to visit Vanessa. The first thing they do is  meet her adult special needs students and it’s very sweet to see them reconnect. Vanessa has divorced parents and for the first time. Nick will be meeting her family separately. Her family really brings the hard questions about what life after the show will be like, and in the end, Vanessa doesn’t really get what she wanted from her mom’s family. Nick ultimately gets her father’s blessing for marriage as well.

As Nick prepares for the rose ceremony and tries to figure out his feelings, there’s a surprise behind the door, literally. When he opens the door, he finds Andy, the first bachelorette that he was runner-up with. Again, we are left with “To be continued…”

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