This is Us comes back with a secret filled episode

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

After a gut wrenching family secret was revealed on last week’s episode, another secret Rebecca from the big three is she is selling their childhood cabin. In an attempt to relive and reminisce on their past, Kate, Kevin, and Randal take a drive to the cabin.

Kev invites his new girlfriend, Olivia, out and she brings along the show’s producer and her ex. Her ex brought a magical mushroom smoothie that Randall accidentally drinks. In his hallucinations, he talks to his deceased father about his mother’s secret, that she knew his biological father Randal’s whole life. He then hallucinates his mother and tell her all the reason she has destroyed his life and yet he gets no satisfaction from it. Randal then talks to his father again and Jack tells him that she did it to protect him and he gets a deeper appreciation for his father, Jack.

Olivia, told Kate that even if she has gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, her life may not change and it causes a fight between Kevin and Kate. While sitting watching home videos, Kevin sees another side of Olivia and goes off. He says that even though she always talks about wanting “real” experiences, her empty shell of a soul couldn’t handle anything real and she takes her ex and leaves in the producer’s car.

This week’s episode brought the big three closer than ever and they are starting to finally act like siblings that love and care about each other. The fight between Kevin and Olivia started because he was finally standing up for his sister and he didn’t care what damage that caused to his relationship. Even though Randal was off in his own little world, Kev and Kate kept checking on him and took the time to listen to what he had to say once he was back to himself. They decided that they have to stick together to start making things better.

Every week is a new roller coaster of emotions with the Pearson family. Randal confronted their mother about her lie, Kate made her decision to have gastric bypass surgery, and Kevin told his costar the harsh reality of who she is, I can only imagine what next week’s fall finale has in store for us.Until then, tune in this Wednesday to see where the season will go to now.

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