APSCUF favors new contract

Hannah Collings – Staff Writer

The nearly 18-month period that Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) faculty and coaches have been working without contracts will potentially end on Dec. 20.

On Dec. 5-7, faculty and coaches from all 14 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities voted to ratify their respective tentative contracts.  This faculty contract proposal ended the October APSCUF strike.  The votes were tallied on Dec. 8.

That same day, APSCUF issued a press release which reports that only 6 percent of faculty members did not vote in favor of their new contract.  APSCUF coaches voted on a different agreement with PASSHE.  Every coach who participated voted in favor of their contract.

APSCUF does not count differentiate the votes by universities, so it is unknown if any Clarion University faculty were not in favor of the contract as it stands.

Details of these contracts will not be released until it is ratified on Dec. 20 by PASSHE’s Board of Governors.  On this date, both contracts will become definite.

Neither APSCUF faculty nor coaches have worked under a contract since these contracts expired without renewal in June, 2015.

It is unlikely that the Board of Governors would dismiss these contracts.  At the conclusion of the faculty strike, the chair of the Board, Cynthia Shapira, issued a message in celebration of the strike’s end to university members, including students and all employees.

“To everyone on the campuses, we are so grateful for your contributions as we pull together to ensure a smooth transition back to normal operations. The number one goal is to help our students finish the semester strong,” said Shapira.

APSCUF and PASSHE alike have expressed the desire for typical university functioning to return.  Representatives of both have been grateful that students are once again able to attend classes.

Because of the great relief expressed by Shapira and others, the ratification of these contracts is likely in view.

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