This is Us, ends the fall season on an emotional note

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

After an eventful night at the cabin and a fight between Kevin and Olivia, his new show gets pulled. To make it up to the playwright, whose family doesn’t believe in her, Kevin goes to their family Christmas and cancels on his own family. The two decide to put the show on together.   Kate and their mother go to the doctor to talk about Kate’s surgery and Rebecca is very condescending toward her but after talking a bit she begins to think Kate’s weight is her fault. Kate feels defeated after her appointment and also cancels on the family while her and Rebecca try to work on their problems.

Every year, Randal’s company has a Christmas Eve Christmas party and this year in a mid-life crisis moment he decided to buy a boat. After talking to Beth, he goes to retract his offer and finds one of his bosses on the roof preparing to jump. Randal tries to talk him down, telling him there is always a chance that life will get better and no matter what his daughter will forgive him and this isn’t the way his story is supposed to end. Then, Beth walks out on to the roof and my heart fell through the floor and we get the sense he jumped but then out of the corner of Randal’s eye, he walks through the party.

Shortly after Randal and Beth get home, all of the family who canceled on their Christmas Eve plans show up. Toby even shows up to surprise Kate and to tell her how much he cares about her and misses her. The whole family puts aside all of their problems for the night. The night is coming to an end and Randal goes to take his daughters to bed and the scene turns to Toby. His eyes stop dead in their tracks, the plates he holds shatter on the floor, and he falls over on to the floor. The last thing we see is Toby’s face in surgery room and the sound of a flatlined heart monitor.

I’m not a crier and on more than one occasion in this episode I had tears in my eye. The creators of this show really hit the feels right on the head. Even though we don’t know the character of Randal’s boss, I know that if he would have jumped Randal’s life would have never been the same and that it was his fate to walk out on that balcony right then. Though, this was my favorite scene from probably the whole season because suicide is a subject that really hit home, I can’t forget about the closing scene. I don’t even know what to say, Toby poured his heart out to Kate and then his literal heart failed him that same night, that breaks MY heart.

Sometimes this show is so heavy, I have to take a moment and collect myself and after this episode, I’m kind of glad there isn’t another episode until January.

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