CSA Director Shelly Wilson retires

Benjamin Edney – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- Shelly Wilson, who has served at Clarion University for 34 years, has decided to retire and leave her position as the director of the Clarion Students Association.

Wilson started working at the university in 1983, where she got to witness the transformation of Clarion State College to Clarion University. She says she has loved every moment working for the university that has provided unique opportunities and challenges to grow.

One of these challenges was adapting to the new locations the CSA office. Originally, Wilson found herself sharing office space with the credit union in Level A of the Carlson Library. In the 1990s, the CSA office was placed where the present-day Caribou Coffee Café is located.

Personally, she enjoys the current location on the second floor of the Gemmell Student Complex because she has interacted with more people.

Wilson obtained the position of director for the CSA in 2010, which allowed her enough time to acclimate before the Clarion University Store associated with the Nebraska Book Company, NEEBO.

She has also overseen the university’s integration of the Suites on Main North Clarion University Theater and has been the vice president on the Board of Directors.

With a certification in real estate, Wilson attributes her part-time work selling toward aiding her skillsets in discerning and interpreting the sales decisions she has had to make with these big changes.

“It’s not my want to leave. Rather, I feel like I’ve fulfilled my role to the best, and it’s time for someone else to fill it,” said Wilson.

She said that it has been an incredible experience that she would not trade anything for.

Wilson enjoyed the sense of family with the people she has worked with throughout her time at Clarion University. She recommends to anyone that they should be happy in their environment, and that the people you work with should encourage each other to make things happen.

Wilson extended gratitude to Dr. Susan Fenske, vice president for student affairs, who, in their short time working together, has provided Wilson with a great amount of support and assistance.

She also thanked Shawn Hoke, director of the center for leadership and involvement, who she says provided her with a lot of faith in her abilities.

Finally, Wilson would like to thank people and students from whom she has had the chance to learn.

“They taught me as much as I taught them.”

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