Artist to watch “Jamila Woods” releases single, “Black Girl Soldier”

Anna Goetz -Staff Writer

Jamila Woods, a 27-year old Chicago based soul singer and songwriter, known for her collaborates with Chance the Rapper, has been making some big strides of her own. The hip hop and rhythm and blues artist appeared on “Sunday Candy”, “Blessings”, and “LSD” with Chance the Rapper, as well as collaborating with Donnie the Trumpet, Saba, Noname, and other well-known African American artists. But recently, Woods has made a bang in the industry with her single “Blk Girl Soldier” with her raspy, unique chords and powerful lyrics on African American women’s struggles in today’s society. Not to mention her debut album, “HEAVN” released on her SoundCloud July 11, 2016. Catch Jamila Woods on SoundCloud, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Play Music.

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