10 Conversations to avoid during the holiday season

Kayla Handy, Editor In Chief

The holidays are always, well usually, a grand time to catch up with family and friends that school and work have kept distant for far too long. Besides debating about who has the ugliest holiday sweater, conversation is key and the focal point of holiday get togethers.

If a cheerful winter break, without a 20 minute brawl with mom is the end goal this year, there are several topics that one should avoid altogether when sharing stories around the Christmas tree. Below is a list of 10 controversial topics that should be an automatic no-no when starting conversations with loved ones and friends.

1. Anything to do with politics. Don’t even dare think about bringing up the recent presidential election this holiday season when visiting home. The presidential election received enough coverage, gossip and media spotlight during the 600 odd some days that it topped local and national headlines. Between the memes, fights and my-horse-is-bigger-than-your-house squall, discussing who voted for whom across the holiday ham is not only a good way to end up with fistfuls of mashed potatoes on across the room, but is sure to bring out the scrooge in anybody. 

2. Weight. Probably one of the most dreaded and discouraging topics that could ever be brought up around the holidays would be comments regarding weight loss or weight gain. After not seeing family members for months at a time, subtle or even drastic change in one’s personal appearance is bound to be brought up. It is often discouraging and frustrating to hear from family or friends that you look like you gained weight and need to watch what you eat or that you look deathly sick and oh, here’s another plate of stuffing.

3. Exes. For some unknown reason, exes and unapproved significant others can often become a hot topic over hot chocolate. The looming talk of failed relationships or of boyfriends and girlfriends that mom and dad do not approve of seems to pair hand in hand with memories of holidays past. Honestly, an ex is an ex for a reason, stop letting the ghost of relationships past haunt you.

4. Being Single. Stop pointing out the obvious. Yes, finding one’s holiday love to kiss under the mistletoe was on the Christmas list. No, there is nothing wrong with you for .rbeing single. No one has met your standards yet and that’s it, simple as that.

5. Religion. Religion is probably the most controversial of topics during the holiday season. Everyone is open to celebrate what he or she wishes to celebrate, everyone has their own right to believe in what they personally want to believe in. Why not celebrate time with your loved ones rather than discuss whose religious beliefs outweigh the other?

6. Bills. Broke college student. Please send checks and cash. That is all.

7. Finals. They are done and over with! You passed this semester, that is the only thing that matters right? 

8. Graduation. Winter break is supposed to be a break, not only from school, but from thinking about the work of what it will take to finally have a diploma in hand. If you are graduating soon, talking about graduating may be fun and exciting, but for most, it’s a scary and stressful time. It’s best to not think nor talk about wearing your cap and gown until the elf ears come off.

9. Work. It is winter break. B.R.E.A.K. That means no work, no talk of work, no thought of work, no drama of work. Does that work for you?

10. The end of winter break.  Yes, mom and dad are always looking forward to the end of winter break. The kids go back to school, the house gets clean and finally there is peace and quiet. For others, it means back to all-nighters and flavored ramen. Enjoy this holiday season not by talking about the past or the future. Live in the now, enjoy the moment and truly experiene the holiday season.

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