The Weekend is taking the music industry by storm

Cam Finney -Staff Writer

Since the year 2011, Toronto based artist Abél Tesfaye aka The Weeknd has been creating his own sound in music and gaining millions of fans. It was in 2015 when the artist reached full stardom with majors hit like “Earned It”, “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills” that went crazy on the charts and radios. His sophomore album Beauty Behind the Madness went on to be one of the top albums of last year earning Tesfaye two Grammy Awards. With now being one of the top artists in the entire world, the Weeknd is now back with new music, releasing his third studio album ever Starboy which is partial ode to the late legend David Bowie. Starboy contains the genre changing R&B vibes and sexy lyrics but lacks the amounts of creativity that Madness contained. Now is a different time compared to the release of his second album which is one reason why critics may be less impressed, but the nonetheless, Abel still deserves the successful platform that he has worked hard for and earned.


Besides the title track, the other track produced by mega dance duo Daft Punk is “I Feel It Coming.” While listening, you develop a sense of similarity towards Michael Jackson with the way Abel belts his beautiful vocals. Jackson is coincidentally the ultimate role model and inspiration The Weeknd has cited towards his career. This track is one of the more sunny and bright dance tracks compared to Tesfaye’s tones in his songs.

One of the darker club songs that is bound to be a nigh time hit is “Party Monster.” Tesfaye once again sings about the life and yearning for a woman partner to share his evening drinks with. Similar material like past album but still feels original compared other artists in the same genre.

It has been said by several fans and reviewers that the track Attention is one of the best songs on the album. It boasts sounds that would have made it perfect for Madness album but agreed that it being on Starboy makes it stand out more with mellow R&B beats that remind you of old Tesfaye.

Conclusion to be made that a more stripped and slow The Weeknd is the best type, especially in “Die For You.” A trend has been appearing—the last bit of songs like this one and

“Attention” are at the end of the album so fan stick around the whole time because the singer saved the best for last. This is another catchy jam that Abel sings about someone being worth it, enough to die for.

With that being said about that track, The Weeknd can make hundreds of radio hits and chart blasters but the best version himself is the smaller songs that contain big lyrics. These types of songs are what trace back to his first bundle of songs he created in 2011. Starboy is a good album and I love the electric dance sound but big Hollywood music producers are not what he needs for the future to make his career stay huge. The Weeknd is unique enough to stay an international superstar without all the big productions.

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