UFC strips McGregor of a belt, grants Aldo the featherweight

Freddie Saladin – Staff Writer

After becoming the new lightweight champion of the UFC and being the first fighter to hold two belts simultaneously, the UFC has stripped Conor McGregor of his featherweight belt.

This is no surprise.

Since defeating Jose Aldo and getting the featherweight belt, McGregor has not defended his title once.

It would not be fair for the other fighters in the featherweight and lightweight divisions to be waiting around while McGregor jumps around in different weight classes like he’s been doing.

Fighters are waiting around to get a shot at the title, but are unable to do so because of this.

Because McGregor has been fighting in other weight classes, he has been accused multiple times of avoiding opponents like Jose Aldo, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Clarion University alumnus Frankie Edgar.

I understand why people would think this, and part of me agrees with them.

McGregor has achieved what no other UFC fighter could, and that is because he actually had the guts to try and achieve this goal.

However, unlike every other lightweight fighter in the UFC, he got an instant title shot because he was already champion instead of climbing the ranks like the rest of the lightweight fighters.

Doing things like being champion of one weight class and fighting in another prolongs the time of him actually being champion because he has not defended his belt yet.

This also means that he has not fought some of the greatest fighters in the two divisions.

After McGregor has been stripped of his featherweight title, it was announced that Aldo has become the new featherweight champion.

As for the contenders in that division, Max Holloway will be facing Anthony Pettis for the interim belt.

The winner of that matchup will be facing Aldo in their next fight.

Despite the tough loss to McGregor, I believe Aldo deserves that belt. Aldo’s last fight against Edgar was very impressive.

He seemed like his old self, tactical and precise, but who knows how he will do against somebody like Holloway or Pettis.

Fans will be able to see Pettis face Holloway at UFC 206 on Dec. 10.

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