Sushi-Do expands to CU

Seth Ickes – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- New Jersey sushi company Sushi-Do is set to bring new food options to Clarion University’s campus. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 30, Sushi-Do was on Clarion’s campus giving out free samples of its products, including a variety of sushi-based options.

Jeffrey MacTaggart, senior director of dining services at Chartwells, was at the event to answer questions. MacTaggart was excited to have Sushi-Do be a potential part of Clarion University’s dining options and was looking forward to receiving student feedback throughout the day.

He hopes to bring Sushi-Do products to Clarion’s campus starting at the beginning of the spring semester and stated that bringing the sushi company’s products to campus “all depends on student feedback.”

Additionally, MacTaggart said that Chartwells has wanted to bring sushi to campus for a while but had not found the right company to do so. Sushi-Do provides fresh fish made onsite, rather than pre-made or packaged food, and had a variety of different options to choose from at the table. Samples included three different types of sushi, spicy rolls, vegetable rolls and chicken teriyaki.

The current plan for offering Clarion students Sushi-Do products would have the food as “On the Go”options, both at the Gemmell Food Court and at the Carlson library food area.

Alex Elias, a senior mid-level and secondary education major, tried the samples Sushi-Do offered and said, “I’m not a big fish fan, I tried it and it was really, really good.”

Another student Kristina Kiritchenko, a history major with a minor in German, said that the food was of “excellent quality, and I’m excited to see it on campus.”

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