PlayStation VR is a must have this holiday season

Freddie Saladin -Staff Writers

It’s that time of year again, and that means some of us are desperately looking for something to put on our Christmas wish list. While there are a ton of great things that have been released this year, PlayStation VR is without a doubt one of the most interesting.

PlayStation VR was released on Oct. 13th. It is a virtual reality headset that works only with the PlayStation 4 console, and requires the PlayStation Camera.

Some of the games require the PlayStation Move controllers, and that is where PlayStation VR shines the most. When I first tried this out, I was beyond amazed. It actually felt like I was in a completely different world, and using the PlayStation Move controllers made me feel like I was actually moving around and interacting with the different parts of this virtual reality. These controllers are important for the experience, as you will need these to interact with various things around you, or shoot virtual zombies with two 12-guage shotguns. Headphones are also very important for a full VR experience, especially for the really scary games. It will make someone feel much more immersed into the world.

The games that are available range from creepy roller coaster rides, to sitting at a table trying to defuse a bomb before time runs out. There are different games fit for everyone, and It seems as if the possibilities are endless when using PlayStation VR.

Apart from the games themselves, the headset is quite comfortable. There are different parts on the headset that are adjustable to fit anyone’s head. People who wear big and bulky glasses should not worry because the headset will fit around the glasses more comfortably than other VR headsets.

The headset and processor unit are sold together for $399. There is also a bundle which includes the headset, processor unit, two controllers, the camera and a game called PlayStation VR Worlds for $499.

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