Clarion dance group, Xquisite, becomes an offical RSO

Amanda Betts -Staff Writer

The Xquisite Performance Team recently named an official RSO of Clarion University, builds on its excitment for the future.

The idea for a performance team came to Whitney Chante’l when she was 15.. She attended a performing arts high school and fell in love with performance. This inspired her to become a musical theatre major at Clarion University, but the classes and productions alone simply did not give her all that she wanted artistically. She and a small group of girls began performing all over campus under the title “X-Vibe,” and they decided to try and grow their group at the Clarion University Entertainment Awards.

Chante’l is choreographer and director of the group, now called Xquisite Performance Team. They have grown to group of ten girls that are all very passionate about performing. There are auditions required to join the team and the girls perform dances to many different styles of music. When asked what sets them apart from other on-campus performing teams, she said, “We perform in heels and I teach the girls musical theatre techniques to become better performers.”

This past semester, the group performed at ALF and the Clarion University pageant, as well as the first pep rally on campus. They have received very positive feedback from students and Chante’l plans to grow the organization even more in the coming semesters. Cameron Finney, a student that enjoys dance greatly, thoroughly enjoys Xquisite’s performances. “I always love seeing them perform. They’re so good and fun to watch!” he said. The team ended their semester with their showcase titled “A Night with Xquisite”, which took place the Friday before Thanksgiving break.

For next semester, Chante’l and the rest of the team hopes to continue to perform around campus and branch out to include even more kinds of music in their repertoire. They would also like to hold more auditions at the beginning of next semester to include even more talented women. Women that are interested in auditioning to be a member of Xquisite Dance Team can contact the group via their Instagram account: “Don’t be scared; it’s a very friendly environment and the girls are like a huge family,” Chante’l says. It’s a hardworking group, however, and they are all very passionate about their work. The group would also like to thank their supporters and ask them to continue to come and see their performances on campus. “Thank you for believing in my dream and making this possible,” Chante’l says.

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