Clarion Basketball rises from slump, defeats Davis & Elkins

Danny Bailey – Staff Writer

Over the course of the last week, the Clarion Men’s basketball team played three games against two PSAC rivals, East Stroudsburg and West Chester, and another game against Davis & Elkins.

Clarion won one and lost two, to move its record to 2-4 and with a PSAC record of 0-2.

The first game against East Stroudsburg on the Nov. 19 saw the Golden Eagles fall to the Warriors 103-76.

East Stroudsburg outworked Clarion in the rebound department.

Clarion gave up almost twice the amount of rebounds to the Warriors.

Clarion only brought in 23 rebound, 7-16 (offensive-defensive) while the Warriors brought in 42 (13-28).

Offensive rebounds led to second chance shots, which generally have a high percentage chance of going in.

These second chance shots accounted for 21 points for East Stroudsburg, which greatly dwarf Clarion’s nine.

Clarion led the defensive statistics column with five blocks and five steals throughout the game, doubling the five, two blocks and three steals, that East Stroudsburg recorded.

Unfortunately for the Golden Eagles, this did not convert to points on the scoreboard. With the 10 turnovers they caused, it only resulted in 12 points.

The Warriors were far more effective. All of the turnovers they forced converted into 18 points.

Despite the 5-turnover lead Clarion had, East Stroudsburg found a way to negate it.

What really mattered was the shooting percentages from the floor along with free throws. Clarion went 44.44 percent in shooting from the floor and 60 percent from the free throw line.

East Stroudsburg went 58.7 percent and 79.2 percent, respectively.

The team leaders for the game included Cameron Grumley (with 15 points, four assists, and five rebounds) and Manny Powell (with 17 points, one assist, and three rebounds).

The next game was another loss to the West Chester Golden Rams.

Clarion struggled in the first half with only 23 points.  They needed a lot of production in the second half, which was a task that seemed just too much to ask for.

Clarion finished the game with a score of 92-67.

Clarion’s B.J. Andrews showed up big time in this game with 25 points, one assist and eight rebounds.

As with the previous game, Clarion found itself outpaced in the rebound department 49-38 (15-9 in offensive rebounds).

Clarion gathered in eight points from its second chance efforts while West Chester nailed 20.

Clarion turned things around with a victory over Davis and Elkins on Nov. 22.

The Golden Eagles fell behind in the first half. However, they rode a massive second half to erase a 13-point deficit and win a tight one, 86-84.

Clarion hoisted itself to that triumph thanks to outscoring their opponents 54 to 39 after halftime.

In that second half, the Eagles shot a sizzling 52.78 percent from the field.

It also hit 43.75 percent of its three-pointers in the second half.

Andrews led the Eagles’ scoring with 21 points, 10 of which he pocketed in the second half.

Joining Andrews in the double-digit club for the Eagles that game were Powell and Justin Grant.

They scored 15 and 12 points, respectively. Powell added eight assists, and Grant chipped in four.

Clarion returns to action Dec. 3 at home against Mansfield at 3 p.m.

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