This Is Us continues with another hot and heavy episode

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

After a life of brotherly resentment, Randal and Kevin plan a dinner with their mother. However, she had to cancel. to the two are left to go out to eat alone. The two end up at a restaurant when Kevin is in his element but Randal is very out of place. This is when out to eat Kevin discovers that Randal has never seen his hit television show and leaves the dinner.

Randal chases Kevin down and they get into an argument about Randal always being favored in their family and other issues from their childhood and get into a brawl in the middle of the street. But for the first time in thirty-six years, Kevin call Randal his brother.

Kate goes to a weigh in meeting and learns she has been busting her butt and has only lost a little over a pound while Toby, her boyfriend, has lost eight and met his monthly goal. Kate was upset and left the meeting but afterward she goes to his house to apologize.

She finds him in an affair with junk food and he reveals he’s giving up his diet. He promises that when they are together he will eat healthy but to prevent him from lying she makes his get the dessert she knows he badly wants. On her way home she stops at a gas station and loads up on junk food and binges out in her car.

A smaller part of this episode is when William and Beth spend quality time together while the guys are out to dinner. Their family in the flashbacks are having issues too, Kevin and Randal are fighting and Jack and Rebecca are becoming more distant from each other. This week lifelong issues between Randal and Kevin start to see the light but bigger issues arise between Kate and Toby.

I love this show. Everything seems so real. Imagine being an adopted African American into a white family. Things would be very different. The buildup to the scene in the street and the car was so full of emotional. Kate’s weight struggles aren’t something unfamiliar either. People everywhere are overweight and are working hard to lose it but it just isn’t enough and that’s a really hard place to be in. This Is Us gives their audience the sense that their crazy lives aren’t that crazy after all and with everything their going through, they’re not alone.

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