A student’s short story: The Boy and His Dogs Part VIII

Ryan Skunda – Staff Writer

Now, to be fair, it was not the fault of Charles’ parents that they had been clueless as to what he had been doing this whole time. It would have been hard for anybody to catch what Charles had been up to, spending a very large amount of time after school doing what is so important to him.

The curious thing is how his parents missed this in the first place. Well, that answer is simple. The reason that they hadn’t noticed is because his dogs, his parents never paid any attention to what Charles was doing.

They just assumed that he was being a normal boy and playing with his dogs outside. However, they could not have been more wrong in their assumption that what Charles had been doing for months now was anything less than extraordinary.

One day Richard and Sam decided to go outside and see how Charles was doing because his grades were continuing to slip, but what they said instead was something that they could not believe.

On a cool spring day, Charles was outside playing like he had been doing for months. The only difference was that this time Richard and Sam decided to go outside as well. At first, they noticed nothing out of the ordinary until they looked over at what Charles was doing. Charles had this very complex obstacle course set up and he was having his dogs go through it.

At first, Richard and Sam were completely clueless and had no idea what was going on, but after a few minutes of thought they finally figured it out.

“Do you mean to tell me that is what he has been doing all this time,” Richard said. “It would look that way, now wouldn’t it,”  Sam replied. “I can’t believe that the whole time the answer was staring us right in the face, but it was so obvious that we completely just ignored it,”  Richard said again. “Yeah, it’s kind of crazy that we never noticed how much time he spent out here,” Sam said in disbelief.

The specifics of what Charles had been doing is far too complicated to understand. For the past few months, Charles had been making both Lincoln and George do specific tasks to see how they would react. Charles had discovered through research that German Shepherds are some of the smartest dogs in the world.

Charles wasn’t going to believe until he tested this. As it turned out, Charles found this to be true and he decided to have his dogs do more. Only Charles fully understands why he’s so fascinated with this. Once Charles discovered how smart his dogs were he started to give them more complicated tasks. The obstacle course that Charles’ parents witnessed was basically the final test that he wanted George and Lincoln to do.

His parents did not do or say anything until it seemed that Charles was done, they just watched Lincoln and George go through this seemingly very complicated obstacle course with apparent ease, and were frankly surprised and impressed. After watching, they went up to Charles and asked him what exactly had he been up to.

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