Donald Glover maintains relevance as rapper, Lando

Cam Finney -Staff Writer

This week’s article platform is being switched up this week, instead of a spotlight on an album, we are spotlighting an artist that deserves recognition for his amazing music and career changing television roles: Donald Glover, known in the music world as rapper, Childish Gambino.  Glover has been in the music and TV world for years now, but his most creative projects have been revealed in the final months of 2016. With a new TV show and upcoming album release, now is the time to become a fan of someone who knows how to do it with so much talent!

Glover received his breakout role as an actor on the NBC comedy show Community starring as supporting character Troy Barnes in 2009.  What many people don’t know is that he also served as a writer for a few episodes of the famous comedy 30 rock and did stand-up comedy on the side.  Back in 2015, Glover was seen across major screens in the films catching roles in two of the year’s most popular films: Magic Mike XXL and The Martian.  This year has been said to feature his best acting skills yet in this highly praised FX show Atlanta.  Serving as creator and executive producer, Glover helped showcase masterpiece featuring the lives of two cousins (one being Donald) who try to make their own stance on the famous hip-hop scene that roams the street of the city in Georgia.  The series which just ended its first season, has already been picked up for a second season and now is getting nominated for numerous awards. Besides his television show, Glover announced that he is officially playing Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo prequel- a role that has been buzzed about for a year! The movie is slated to premiere in the year 2018. Time for Childish Gambino, Glover’s alternate name for music. Childish debuted the music industry in 2011 with his  album Camp featuring fan favorites like “Bonfire” and “Heartbeat.”  Eyes were drawn toward Gambino in 2013 when he released his second album Because of the Internet which features his most popular single to date, “3005.”  After the release, Childish become a cult favorite across social media outlets for his unique productions and underdog reputation which he still manages to maintain unlike major rappers like Kanye West, Drake and Jay-Z.  Childish released a beach themed EP Kauai at the 2014 which I highly suggest listening to while embarking on a vacation.  The EP puts you in the perfect and relax mood for a good day at the beach.  Now with it being 2 years later and a hand full of acting projects, fans are starving for a new album which has been talked about all year.  Well the time has come! Childish Gambino debuted a new and crazy awesome single “Me and your Momma” and also announced his third studio album will be finally released on December 2nd of 2016 entitled “Awaken, My Love!” The love for Gambino/Glover is endless and now we get more of him than we ever have!

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