This Is Us Brings Out Raw Emotion

Emilie Miller -Staff Writer

If you’re searching for a television show that will bring out all of the feels and haven’t yet stumbled upon NBC’s This Is Us, look no further. As This is Us takes a week off, let’s get caught up on the latest episode.

This Is Us is about a Pittsburgh couple who is expecting triplets, but during birth they lose the third baby. To complete their family, the couple decides to adopt an African American baby, who had been left at the door of a fire station. The show then follows the “big three” starting at their 36 birthday. Kate is struggling with being overweight, Kevin tries to find a new path after he dramatically quits a television show, and Randall deals with finding his biological father who now has stage four stomach cancer. Throughout the show, they have flashbacks to when they were children to show why they are the way they are. In the sixth episode entitled “Career Days,” Kate, Kevin and Randall’s focus shifts to their career.

Kate gets a job as an assistant to a socialite, and has to deal with her overweight teenage daughter who is always connected to her cell phone. When Kate takes Gemma, the daughter, to her friend’s house and Gemma won’t give the address, Kate makes her get out and walk. When Kate returns to work the next day, she tries to connect to Gemma in a touching monologue about what it is like to grow up with a beautiful, seemingly perfect mother and be overweight. Kate shows how being overweight and being around someone so beautiful and comparing herself to them really takes a toll on your emotions and consequently effected their relationship.

Kevin is having a hard time with a scene about death in his new play. As a way to get him to loosen up, his co-star says she’s taking him out. When Kevin meets her there he realizes it’s a wake for a man neither of them know. After he gets overwhelmed with being at a stranger memorial service, he escapes to the kitchen where he is greeted by the widow. They get to talking about the man who passed and how his death has affected their son. Finally, Kevin shows his emotions, he opens up about his father’s death and how he resented him for dying and for the longest time didn’t want to remember his father.

Randal discovers that his biological father is very musically gifted, and his daughter would rather her grandfather, or Uncle Kevin, speak at her career day, but Randall does anyhow. While preparing what he is going to say, he gets very caught up in who he would have been if he had grown up with a musical gift. So, at career day he sings about his job, and afterwards decides he is going to take music lessons. Even though there is so many “what if’s” in his life, he decides that he loves what he does and that he’s not apologizing for it being boring to others.

This Is Us isn’t a show about crazy situations that real people probably will never face. It’s a show about real people and real emotions similar to the feelings that we feel every day. Everyday people feel like they aren’t good enough or that they’re too tough to discern these raw feelings, or the feeling that you could have been someone completely different if one thing hadn’t happened. This show is real and raw because this is us.

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