Faculty make up work

By Benjamin Edney

About two weeks have passed since the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties union strike, where faculty across all Pennsylvania State System schools left their classes to picket. Three academic days had been lost, and Clarion University’s administration has asked its faculty members to make those days up through additional classes and extended office hours.

An agreement between the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and APSCUF that all 14 universities work with their faculty to establish a plan to recover the time lost due to the strike was agreed for the post-strike period. . At Clarion University, Dr. Todd J. Pfannestiel, the interim provost and academic vice president, said that the administration has requested faculty to provide a plan to recover any lost class time or lost office hours.

If faculty members who were on strike wish to recover wages lost during the strike, they must present a recovery plan. Those plans are due Nov. 10.

“We are encouraging faculty to be flexible and respectful of students’ time as the faculty determine how to recover lost instructional time [and] have the responsibility to determine how best to make up that time in any one of a variety of formats,” Pfannestiel added.

Many students have experienced either a mix of make-up classes or online coursework with extended office hours being offered to them and are inclined to agree with the solution offered by the administration.

Junior psychology major Lauren Hiner considers that they may be some difficulties. She said, “I don’t know how else they would do it. Classes have to be made up somehow.”

President Karen Whitney has a positive outlook of the situation. She said, “I am very proud of the commitment our faculty have to our students’ learning and success. I know our faculty are doing everything they can to ensure that each student has a high quality learning experience in each of their classes.”

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