Faculty Senate Thanks Students

Clarion University Faculty Senate passed the following resolution at its biweekly meeting held on Monday, Oct. 24.  The University Administration without explanation denied Faculty Senate the right to email this ‘thank you’ out to students.  As such, Faculty Senate is forced to utilize other means of dissemination.  The resolution is as follows:

The Clarion University Faculty Senate wants to deeply thank all of the students who came out to support faculty during our strike last week.  You walked with us, shouted with us, and stood up with us.  You supplied us with donuts and cookies and candy and drinks, and you kept us on our feet with your appreciation and your strength and your love.

In doing so, you not only forced the State System to resolve the strike immediately, you helped preserve the quality of education that Clarion University and the other State System schools provide to their students.  Decades of declining state support has already had the effect of both adding to the cost of public higher education in the Commonwealth, while detracting from the educational opportunities available to college-age students.  By standing with us and for us, you helped Clarion University faculty and faculty across the State System ward off additional changes that would have adversely affected your education and the education of every other student in Pennsylvania for decades to come.

Thank you for standing with us, for standing up for others, and for standing up for the right of all Pennsylvania citizens to have an affordable college-education.


Sincerely yours,

Jamie L. Phillips

Chair, Faculty Senate

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