Spencer loves soccer, wants to coach, lead

Joseph Lillard – Sports Editor

To some, sports are just a hobby.

Others have a passion for their endeavors.

For Alissa Spencer, soccer is definitely something that was more than just a past time.

“I’ve been playing since I was really young. Ever since my first game, I’ve just loved playing. It has taken me so many places and I’ve made some of my best friends through soccer. I’ve had a great time playing all these years.”

In fact, she envisioned herself playing for a college someday.

“When I got into high school, I knew that I didn’t want to stop playing after my senior year. I wanted to keep playing while in college, so I looked for schools where I could play soccer, as well. I always knew I wanted to play soccer in college, and I played in many college showcase tournaments starting when I was in 9th and 10th grade. I didn’t get serious about picking a school to play soccer until I was in 11th.”

Word travels far and fast, and Clarion’s reputation reached Spencer even from New Jersey.

“A friend of mine was coming to Clarion for a soccer ID camp and asked if I wanted to come. I came, then I decided to come here! It was a really last minute decision, but I really liked the girls on the soccer team, the campus was nice, and my major (special ed and early childhood) is really good here. It was a perfect fit.”

Though many people draw their motivation in school from external forces, Spencer mostly was fueled from within.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid. I love being around kids and being able to teach them new things. It’s very rewarding. My grandma was an art teacher, no one else in my family teaches. I kinda went my own way with what I wanted to do.”

Spencer, a senior, has had the opportunity to leave her impact on her teammates and peers.

As graduation races toward Spencer every day, what does she hope she leaves behind?

“I hope people remember me as a fun person, a great leader and a great soccer player.”

Where does Spencer go postgraduation?

“I graduate in the spring, so I will go back home to New Jersey and hopefully get a job teaching somewhere! I would also like to become a soccer coach at a school as well.”

Time will tell how much of an impact Spencer will have on her students, school district and players.

From the sounds of things, one could assume that Spencer’s already leaving her mark on the university and those she interacts with.

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