Braunagel and Ferragonio reflect on their milestones

Freddie Saladin – Staff Writer

Clarion volleyball players Taylor Braunagel and Catherine Ferragonio hit milestones during their match against Seton Hill University Oct. 22.

After moving on to her ninth year of playing volleyball, Braunagel, a junior biology major, had hit her personal milestone of 1,000 kills during the process of achieving match-high of 16 kills.

Braunagel felt that “It was a very humbling experience to hit 1,000 kills. I know that I would not be where I am today without the incredible support of my teammates on the court. I am just thrilled that both Cat Ferragonio and I hit our 1,000 milestones in the same game.”

Braunagel would go on to continue saying that she feels “a lot less pressure, which in turn actually makes me play better because I am more relaxed.”

Ferragonio, a junior rehabilitative science major, had achieved a milestone for 1,000 career digs.

Coming from a family of volleyball players, Ferragonio had started playing volleyball at age 10 and ended up falling in love with the sport.

Hitting such a high milestone has been exciting for her as she would begin to explain that she “honestly had no idea I was even coming up on the milestone until one of my teammates mentioned reading that I was close to 1,000 in an article. It is pretty exciting, but I would’ve never reached it without my teammates pushing me every day.”

Hitting milestones like these is not an easy task.

Preparing before a game, both athletes have said that they watch film on upcoming opponents, along with being physically and mentally prepared.

“The most important component to my motivation and preparation is what I, and a couple of my other teammates, call Pre-Game Prayer. We dedicate every game to glorifying God and pray for safety of coaches and players on both teams,” said Braunagel.

After achieving such a goal, questions arise as to what will be next on their list of accomplishments.

Both athletes have team-oriented goals, hoping to make it to the PSAC Championship and then move on to the NCAA tournament.

“I want us to grow as a team and compete at the highest level we are capable of. But before we focus on our end goals, we need to keep working hard in practice every day,” Braunagel adds.

It is important to have such hard working and dedicated athletes on a sports team. These two players are a good example of that.

Braunagel and Ferragonio will return to the court when the Golden Eagles travel to face Lock Haven University on Friday, Nov. 4.

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