AHS Roanoke delievers another shocking episode

Trevor Lake -Staff Writer

I love recapping this show, and I love going deep on what transpired to all of the characters this week, but no amount of analysis can do this episode justice. “Chapter 7” is arguably the best episode this season, and also one of the best episodes in the series as a whole. Having genuine stakes for the characters’ deaths only adds to the dread.

To start, a lot of people are dead. Sidney, the producer is killed with some of the crew by The Butcher. He lasted longer than what he was needed anyways. The death that shocked everyone was Agnes who portrays The Butcher. Watching Bates play such an unstable character has been a treat. Agnes has so much depth that you’re not surprised with her obsession of being The Butcher. We get bits of humor as Agnes goes all Real World by filming her own confessionals and attacks. Agnes kills the production staff and later turns her sight on Shelby. She surprises her in her room and slams the cleaver into Shelby’s back. Anges then turns her sight on Lee, Monet and Audrey. Lee even shoots her, but Agnes cauterizes the wound. To top off what happened to be Agnes’ episode, she is finally face to face with the real Butcher. Despite all of her love and beautiful last words, “I just wanted to be on TV.” The Butcher practically slices Agnes’ head in half.

Lee, Monet and Audrey are also in a terrible situation at the moment. Lee is the one to get the others to realize things are real. After Shelby is attacked, Lee sets out to get help because no one would be coming for them. Audrey and Monet follow. The group travels through the secret underground tunnels, only to be horrified by what appears to be the real ghost of Edward Mott. Lee shoots four bullets which barely phase the apparition. After escaping, the women film everything in a potential Blair Witch reference and discover the dead crew, and then Lee shoots Agnes who attacks them.

Remember Rory? We find out what happens to his body. Audrey finds him hanging from a tree and disemboweled. To top it off, the three are captured by The Polk family. The family takes them back to their marijuana-farm-studio-apartment and take a notice to Lee. They end up rubbing her leg with powder saying they are, “tenderizing her.”

Audrey and Lee are later told to eat a mystery meat or they would be electrucuted. After a few blows, the two eat it. It turns out the meat is from Lee’s leg. Gross.

The end of the episode really showed Lily Rabe in her prime. She made Shelby’s character so real and unhinged. It’s a home run with Shelby trying to reconnect with her husband and then killing him in a jealous rage. Matt and Shelby have no connection really until she is hurt. Matt comforts her and it seems like things are going to be okay. In the night, Matt has a hypnotic walk to the basement andShelby and Dominic follow him. Here, we see Matt once again going to town sexually with the not so pretty in real life witch. Gaga’s portrayal gave the real one a run for her money. The real life version had a much older-goth “Suspiria” witch look. Shelby runs the witch away and Matt confesses his love of the villain. He says she is the reason he came back. Shelby literally smashes Matt’s head after hearing the news. We just saw them a few episodes back with such a connection. No one would have ever expected Shelby killing him.

So, this episode packed a punch. All of the twists and turns really paid off and this season is living up to its hype. For next week, we can only imagine what’s going to happen. Shelby is wounded and a murderer, Audrey, Lee and Monet are captured, and Shelby and Matt have the real Butcher outside the house. Next week already is promising so much. Tune in next week and check it out.

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