A student’s short story: The Boy and His Dogs Part VI

Ryan Skunda – Staff Writer

Richard and Sam at this point are completely dumfounded and confused. At first, they thought that their son had a severe learning disability, then they found out that Charles is, in fact, a genius. On top of that, they try to find a way to break this news to him; however, they soon find out that Charles has known all along that he was a genius. At this point, Richard and Sam have no idea what to do. They go into the kitchen and talk it over and decide that before they try and wrap their heads around what is going on, they should ask Charles what he meant by this not being part of his “plan.”

They sit back down and ask Charles to explain what he meant. “I never planned for any of this to happen, all that I did was conduct myself as I saw fit. It just so happened that how I did things was not how society felt I should do them, so there was an examination to find out what was wrong with me and you found nothing. So I didn’t really plan for this to happen, but then again it was the natural course of events,” said Charles.

Charles’ parents are still quite confused. They had never seen this side of Charles before; he had always been so quiet that they never noticed what he was really like. Even more than that, they couldn’t believe that this was actually how he was, that this extremely intelligent person had been their son all along. After a few minutes of silence, they thanked Charles for explaining things to them and then walked upstairs into their room.

Sam immediately went and sat down on their bed. Richard, on the other hand, paced back and forth for several minutes. Finally, he stopped, turned and faced Sam. “So our son is a genius! He is smarter than probably anybody in this house and anybody in his entire school! Yet he is not at the top of his class, he is an average student at best and barely passing at all? The question is what is he giving all his attention to?” said Richard.

“Why do you think that he is giving his attention to something else?” said Sam. “He has to be concentrating his energy into something else, that is why he is failing his classes,” said Richard. Sam then realizes what her husband is thinking. “You want to figure out what he is doing,” said Sam. “Yes, that is exactly what I want to do,” said Richard.

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