Based on the demo, Outlast II is bound to impress audiences

Freddie Saladin -Staff Writer


Red Barrels, studio has released a demo for the sequel Outlast 2 earlier this month. The demo is available to download on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC until Nov. 1..

Outlast is a first-person horror game that gives players an experience like no other. In this game, the player is completely defenseless. The only thing the character has is a video camera with a night vision mode so that navigating through the dark corridors is easier. However, just like any other camera, this one has batteries. One of the challenges players will face while playing this game is searching for batteries to put into your camera before it dies, leaving you in darkness.

Besides searching for batteries, another important part of the game is being stealthy. Players can avoid being spotted by enemies by crouching around slowly and hiding in closets or underneath beds. Trying to avoid detection is one of the most intense aspects of this game. Other than these features, there are a bunch of scares and nerve-racking moments that will make the player wonder if they should continue playing or hide under their bed.

The demo for Outlast II certainly did not disappoint, as it delivered the same feelings that I had while playing the first game. It contains an entirely different story and takes place in a new location. The player takes the role of an investigative journalist who travels to the Arizona desert with his wife to search for clues dealing with the murder of a pregnant woman known as Jane Doe.

While playing the demo, I noticed a couple of changes. Unlike the first game, the character actually speaks, rather than being silent the entire game. Not only that, but the environment is much different than being in an asylum. Instead of navigating through tight, creepy hallways, I found myself running through a dark, vast cornfield while being hunted down by multiple enemies. It’s a pretty big change from the first game and I am excited to find out what else awaits.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the demo for Outlast II. I found myself coming back to it two more times because I could not believe how good it was. Many fans, including myself, cannot wait for this game to come out. The full game is planned to be released in 2017.

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