AHS Roanoke reveals the biggest twist of the season

Trevor Lake -Staff Writer

AHS promised this week’s episode would be one of the best and it certainly delivered .The season twist ended up being a mock-reality show starring the original interview Matt, Shelby and Lee as well as the actors who portrayed them in the faux-ghost showing. From my own personal opinion, having Paulson, Peters and Rabe in this situation is a dream come true.

The episode picks up with the success of My Roanoke Nightmare topping Sunday night football, Empire and The Walking Dead. The show drew such high ratings that they are planning their sequel. Cheyenne Jackson makes his debut this season as Sidney, a TV producer who is behind the magic of My Roanoke Nightmare. He pitches his new project: Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. The show features the past residents of the haunted home as well as the actors featured in the reenactments. Oh, the pitch? They will all reside in the home during the Blood Moon.

Being logical, Sidney believes that the haunting is a joke, so he plans to implement drama by forcing scares. He also has an ulterior motive. He wants Lee to admit she murdered her husband as the whole world believes after the show. Here we get another twist. We find that Matt and Shelby have separated, but Shelby has been with Dominic Banks (Gooding Jr.), the man who portrayed her husband in the reenactment. Shelby is so desperate to reunite with Matt that she agrees to spend time in the house just to talk with him. Mat agrees to return for reasons unanswered, and Lee returns after seven book deals to clear her name and prove that she didn’t kill her husband.

Real Lee’s counterpart, Monet (played by Bassett) returns but is a total alcoholic in and out of treatment. Channeling Lee, Monet became lost in the part and turned to alcohol. As soon as the two meet arguments ensue. The biggest gift is introducing British actress Audrey Tindall (Paulson) and her raunchy boy toy Rory Monoghan (Peters). They play the dream couple who met on the set of Roanoke Nightmare. They end up getting engaged and have the network shoot their own wedding special (officiated by whoever Chaz Bono’s character is). The couple appear on the show just for giggles while Rory plans on sneaking out for screen tests.

We also get a glimpse of Agnes Mary Winstead (Bates) who portrayed The Butcher. Agnes considers it the role of a lifetime but only because she’s completely bananas. After having a violent breakdown on Hollywood Boulevard, the actress is banned from the show. To top it, off she moved to North Carolina and attacked Audrey when she won a Saturn award.

Boom. Episode six is done and filled us with shock. It’s genius to air a show as a documentary, only to reinvent itself from its previous installment. This season feels like two small seasons meant to play as a follow up. The big twist really paid off. Now, the fun begins as we tune in next week to see which character will be killed off next.

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