Sit-in staged in Still

Six Clarion University students and one dog prepared to engage in a sit-in at Still Hall at 10:15 a.m. Friday morning, Oct. 21. These students met at Founders Hall and walked together to Still Hall to protest against professors from the College of Business and Finance who are not participating in the APSCUF strike.

One of the protest’s coordinators, Jennifer Kohler, told other student activists, “Our goal will be to have students sit outside of classes that are still being taught and also in the lobby. Please remember though, the intent is to make our presence known, but not to disrupt the classes.”

Upon entering Still Hall, the students found that no classes were being held. Some University administration was present in the building, but declined interviews. No professors were in Still Hall on Friday morning.

Kohler commented, “The teachers probably cancelled the classes because of the sit-in.” Student activists say they cannot be sure, but would like to believe, that their influence led to Still Hall’s vacancy.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that as of 11 p.m., Oct. 20, that at Clarion University, “30 out of 286 faculty members were working.” According to this source, the number of faculty not striking ranged from 14 to 46 at other PASSHE schools.

There is talk that striking faculty encouraged students to do the sit-in. “If the rumor going around is that faculty is organizing us, we need to nip that in the bud immediately,” responded Carl Shepard.

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