Resident Evil Remastered: Perfect horror game for Halloween

Last year, Capcom released a remake of the original classic horror game, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is a survival-horror game that was created in 1996. It was my first real experience with a scary video game. The remastered version of this game brings back the creepy hallways and fixed camera angles that every fan loved. It’s a unique experience that a lot of people have enjoyed, and now it has been brought back to life. After Resident Evil 3, the franchise has changed dramatically and it has evolved more into an action game rather than a scary one.

After playing the first 10 minutes of the remake, I knew I was in for a wild adventure. Even though it contained new, remastered visuals, I still had a great feeling of nostalgia. I could not wait to experience the scares, puzzles and heart-racing survival moments that the game contained.

The visuals for the remake look very good. The environment, characters, zombies and monsters look much more life-like than they previously did on the original PlayStation 1 version of the game. It helps people who haven’t played the original game get a better feel of what the game was like many years ago, without dealing with the odd controls and dialed down graphics. For those who want a more nostalgic experience with the remake, there is an option to change the controls and aspect ratios to be more like the original version of the game.

Although the visuals look really great on the new-gen consoles, what I really came back for was the gameplay. I loved the feeling of being creeped out and getting anxiety because I never had enough ammunition for my weapons. It’s a game that horror lovers should experience. With Halloween coming up very soon, it’s the perfect time for good scares and this game delivers just that.

Resident Evil Remastered can be purchased on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on the computer.

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