Jojo releases new show stopping album after 10 year break

In 2006,  singer Jojo was a household name for teens of this generation. Fans watched her in the films Aquamarine and RV, and her soaring the charts with her album The High Road featuring megahit single “Too Little, Too Late” at just age 15.  There wasn’t a radio station that wouldn’t play her. After years of complications with the disloyalty of past label Blackground Records, the singer has finally been given the freedom to release a full album after signing with Atlantic Records in 2014. Now, 25-year-old Jojo is ready to take on the pop world again with her new and more mature record Mad Love.

The first single off the album called “F*** Apologies”. It is perfect for the singer who struggled with getting music out in the world for years. The track features rapper Wiz Khalifa.  Jojo is unapologetic toward the negativity surrounding her and nails it.

“Music” is the beautiful ballad that really pulls at your heartstrings. The song is the first on the set-list and is perfect to start the album off. The songstress is paying homage to the hobby that consumes her life, the whole reason who she is today.  Jojo sings gracefully about how loyal music can be towards her when she’s lonely or down.  So many people in the world can use lyrics from this song to explain their passion on how music changes your moods and never disappoints.  Life can be tough, but music will always be a way of support when needed.

Popular newcomer Alessia Cara lends her vocals with Jojo on the song “I Can Only.” These two were meant to sing together, because they both spread words of positivity to fans about accepting who you are.  The song fits perfect to that topic, singing about only being able to take so much from haters and not being forced to change themselves.  You can’t force someone to do things or be someone they don’t want to be.

“Two is better than one,” in which the pop singer features two songs in one on “Honest.” Part  one is a dark interlude about someone not being not enough, and they leave with bitterness.  Music then transitions to a higher tone, where Jojo sings that being honest is the best way to go with a relationship, whether it’s good or bad.

With songs that contain relatable and beautiful lyrics, “Mad Love” deserves to rise the charts and showcase Jojo’s strong vocals. The singer is credited for co-writing every song off the album, which shows how devoted and personal she feels towards her work.  Even though she just ended touring with pop group Fifth Harmony this past summer, lets cross our fingers for a solo tour in the near future!

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